Keeping The Car Or Buying A Nearly New One With Little Or No Warranty Left, Get The Peace Of Mind of Genuine Extended Car Warranty And Avoid Nasty Expensive Surprises

Extended Used Car Warranty

What is Extended Used Car Warranty?

Our extended used car warranty provides coverage for the cost of most repairs and replacement parts for your vehicle. Extended used car warranty coverage offers considerable discounts on repairs and replacement parts and even covers 100 percent of the cost for some repairs. In addition a warranty for your used car offers specified provisions for non-traditional costs that are related to repairs.

In a perfect world cars never breakdown and if they do, they are quickly repaired and things get back to normal. However, the reality is that cars do breakdown and repairs can sometimes require parts that must be ordered or other issues that prolong the anticipated time frame. Fortunately, a used car warranty enables you be reimbursed if you need to hire a rental car for up to five days at a cost of $70 per day or less.

What are the Benefits and Options?

Please take a look at the advantages that our products provide;

An extended warranty for your used car also allows you to have a vehicle towed if it leaves you stranded. This benefit offers up to $150 to have your vehicle taken to an authorised service facility or safe location.

Another advantage of a used car warranty is the $100 for locksmith service. Whether you lock your keys in the trunk when unloading groceries or leave them in the ignition while struggling with the dog at the vet, this service could prove very valuable.

Vehicles do not always break close to home, so when your vehicle stops working, accommodations can pose a problem. This is why an extended warranty for your used car provides an emergency accommodation benefit of up to $100 per day for a maximum of five days.

How Can We Help?

We make it simple to buy the best extended used car warranty tailored to your individual needs. With numerous choices priced to fit virtually any budget, we can provide the coverage you want at a price you can afford.

Our knowledgeable representatives can answer all of your questions and offer advice about a variety of insurance and used car warranty options. For a quote simply complete the quick online inquiry today.

Warranty & Insurance is wholly owned and operated by CoverU Pty Ltd (ABN 19164789593). CoverU Pty Ltd arranges insurance as an authorised representative of the insurers; Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 AFSL 234708; Eric Insurance Limited (Eric) ABN 18 009 129 793 AFSL 238 279 and Australian Warranty Network (ABN 78 075 483 206) AFSL: 246469.

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