Keeping The Car Or Buying A Nearly New One With Little Or No Warranty Left, Get The Peace Of Mind of Genuine Extended Car Warranty And Avoid Nasty Expensive Surprises

Mazda Warranty and Mazda Extended Warranty

Are you on a budget and don’t want to worry about paying a large sum of money if your Mazda breaks down and you need costly repairs? Get peace of mind and protect your investment with our Mazda extended warranty insurance.

We offer extended warranty insurance for both new and used Mazda vehicles, and will get you the lowest price on the warranty that’s right for you.

No Pressure to Buy
With Warranty and Insurance, you don’t have to worry about being pressured into buying a warranty, because we won’t start the purchasing process until we’ve found an option that’s agreeable to you.

We work with our panel of leading insurers in Australia to provide the right warranty for your situation and work with Australia’s top insurance companies to give you a customised option with the best rates.

Transfer with Ease
Should you need to sell your car before the warranty is up, we can transfer the warranty to the new owner. Do you just want to cancel your policy and get a refund? We can do that for you too. Simply choose the option that’s right for you and we’ll take care of it.

Combine Payment with Car Loan
Do you want the convenience of one bill for your Mazda loan repayment and your extended warranty insurance? When you purchase your car, we can combine these two payments together into one convenient payment.

Talk to one of our representatives with any questions and to discuss your warranty insurance options. You can also complete a brief online inquiry to get a price quote.

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