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Happy Customers

Thanks Simon for the advice very valuable, 2 months out of new car warranty and the gear box goes…….. very glad we listened

Andrew, Parramatta, NSW

For the $2 a week cost on our finance we’ve had 3 punctures in 18 months from driving past the building site down the road, if you don’t get tyre and rim insurance you’re out of your mind

Lauren, Marrickville NSW

Finally someone who is prepared to give us all the information, seriously if you knew the risks and didn’t take some level of protection I don’t know how you’d sleep at night

Michael, St Ives NSW

Taking a trip to the country seemed a great idea till we blew two tyres on a bad piece of road. An overnight stay and the new tyres flown to the nearest garage, all paid for by Allianz. Serious coverage everyone should have

Eddy, Darwin NT

Buying a second hand vehicle from a dealer seemed safe enough but nine months later is when the problems started, would have cost us $15,000 that we just didn’t have, if it wasn’t for your advice

Ash, Gold Coast QLD

Thanks so much for the loan protection advice, a novated lease seemed a great idea until I got made redundant. To have someone making those payments for the 4 months till I could find work again saved our family home

Adam, Penshurst NSW

I’m sure the insurance will be great if I ever need it, I just wanted to say thanks for the buying recommendation, your contact saved me 6K on the vehicle so even with insurance I’m way under my budget

Danny, Moorebank NSW

I know this is slightly unusual for a testimonial as I didn’t purchase anything from you despite the advice you gave me. It’s hard to say now but gee I wish I had, the cheaper option the dealer gave me sounded like the right thing but when it came to the crunch they found a loophole to avoid paying. That’s $6K gone now plus the “warranty” I supposedly paid for. Thanks however for the advice and recommendation for a mechanic to help me minimise it to $6K as the dealer was asking for $10K, once he’d got round the warranty

Nichola, Kenthurst NSW

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