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Comprehensive Assessment and Solution
We understand that your vehicle is more than transportation: it is an investment. So, whether you are simply looking for a casual car insurance quote or serious about purchasing a car insurance policy or extended car warranty, we will walk you through the entire process.

We will begin with a comprehensive assessment so we can help you decide which extended car warranty or car insurance solution works best for you and your vehicle. Next we will discuss your options and pricing and we will always welcome your questions, concerns and suggestions. Only after we have found a choice that is satisfactory to you will we consider beginning the purchasing process.

Tailored individual policy package
In addition to your comprehensive assessment, we will show you all of the  extended car warranty and car insurance options and assemble an individual policy package that is tailored to your specific needs.

Flexible Payment Options
We offer a variety of payment options to make your purchase convenient and affordable.

Genuine Independent Advice on Motor Vehicles and Inherent Risks
Your vehicle is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a trusted advocate who can provide unbiased advice and information about the inherent risks of warranties and insurance. Warranty and insurance service is committed to providing you the best solution to suit the needs you and your vehicle.

Personal Service and Assistance in making claims
We appreciate your business and understand that you are more than a number. So, we work diligently to provide the personal level of service you deserve. Whether you have a question regarding an car insurance quote or need assistance filing a claim, we are always here to help.

Access to a Comprehensive Network of Automotive Specialists
It can be very frustrating to have a query about an automotive issue and be uncertain where to go to get reliable, consistent information. We want our customers to have access to the answers they need. This is why we provide access to a comprehensive network of automotive specialists to assist you with any automotive issue.

Reassurance from our 100% claim payout history
Most warranty and insurance companies claim to have a reputation for satisfying their customers, but how many are backed by a 100 percent claim payout history? We may be a minority by having such high standards, but we think our customers deserve the comfort of knowing they are choosing a company they can trust. We are proud of this record and intend to maintain it.

Partnership with Leading Insurance Providers in Australia

Warranty and insurance is proud to work with leading insurers in Austraia, to give you the best tailored solution for your vehicle insurance needs, from the only two companies in Australia that provide genuine warranty coverage that is independently regulated and overseen by the insurance industry ombudsman.

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