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Tyre & Rim Insurance

What is Tyre & Rim Insurance?

No one ever plans to suffer a blowout and if you have ever had a flat tyre, then you know how expensive they can be to replace. In addition, if the damage is significant and damages your rim, as well, the out of pocket costs increase dramatically, easily costing you hundreds. Tyre and rim insurance protects you from the bulk of these costs.

This vital insurance covers punctured tyres, blowouts, and damage incurred due to road hazards such as potholes, debris, nails, screws, glass, metal, and roadside kerbs. It also provides for damage to rims from these hazards. Tyre and rim insurance pays the cost to repair vehicle or motorcycle tyres and rims up to a specified amount and offers numerous benefits in addition to peace of mind.

Some of The Benefits of Tyre and Rim Insurance:

Choice of two coverage levels

Standard tyre insurance pays up to $375 per tyre with a maximum of $750 and offers two allowable replacements per policy year

Prestige tyre insurance provides a bit more coverage of up to $800 per tyre with a total claim allowance of $1400 per policy year.

Conversely, the rim insurance coverage is equal in both options; all claims for the policy year cannot exceed the maximum of $1,100.

A full three year term of coverage

No excess on claims

Towing to the nearest service center if you cannot drive your vehicle and have no spare available

Discounts on tyre purchases

Free safety inspection annually to resolve issues before they turn into larger, more hazardous problems

Optional benefits include

Emergency Accommodation of up to $500 if you are away from home and experience tyre and/or rim damage

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